Meet Dave & Gail

Meet Dave & Gail

Gail’s pursuit to alleviate chronic pain led her to movement lessons in the Feldenkrais Method and then the Anat Baniel Method around 2005. She felt so great after the first lesson that she continued attending weekly classes and began receiving private sessions. Changes she has noticed include: 

Moving her body with greater awareness, ease, fluidity, and gracefulness

Embracing life more fully and seeing its wonderment and beauty throughout each day

Discovering habitual movement patterns that contributed to back pain and stiffness in her neck and shoulders

Gail enrolled in the Anat Baniel training through the encouragement of a practitioner. The ABM training seemed a good fit with her background as a special education teacher. She is passionate about teaching people how to move beyond limitations and discovering possibilities empowering her clients to move with wonder.

Gail’s goal is to help others to understand that movement done automatically deepens existing patterns of pain and limitation. People can feel stuck, even hopeless, as they are led to believe that the cause of their pain and limitation is the condition itself: aging, accidents, stroke, brain damage, etc. When the person pays attention to what they feel as they move, the brain wakes up and changes at an incredibly rapid rate as new neurological connections are created. She believes that is the beauty of ABM because there is wonderment in movement.

Gail introduced her husband, David, to movement lessons. It amazed him there were easier, more efficient ways to move than what he had habitually done. Intrigued by the possibilities ABM offered for exercise and athletics he pursued further knowledge by enrolling in the training with Gail.

By using ABM, David noticed the following results:

Recovery from a debilitating knee problem that personal trainers could not resolve

Improved flexibility and range of movement

The ability to lift heavy objects with reduced effort while lessening the chance of injury

David’s passion is to use ABM to increase athletic potential and his dream is to help others elevate their level of performance.