“Over the course of my career I have been exposed to innumerable techniques, but none have been as powerful. The changes are incredible. Last winter I was experiencing relentless pain in my left jaw and ear.  I had tried every type of traditional and homeopathic treatment but nothing provided the relief that I was looking for.  I was beginning to think that the pain may be dental and was preparing to have my dentist further investigate.  Just before setting up an appointment however, I went to Gail for a private session.  During that session she discovered there was a lot of pressure around my sinuses radiating to my jaw and ear.  Afterwards, I experienced immediate relief from my symptoms lasting for several days. Following several sessions and practicing more functional movement of my jaw, the pain subsided and has not returned.  I am thankful for the work that Gail does and for being able to avoid what may have been more invasive and unnecessary treatment.”

Tammy, Special Needs Coordinator